Research &Teaching

My main research interests include Public Finance, Public Opinion, Education & Social Welfare Policy, Economic Geography, Inequality and Survey & Quantitative Methods. As an instructor, my teaching philosophy is based on interactive learning, making connections between material, and not only learning, but analyzing concepts from a critical perspective. I enjoy teaching concepts that I am passionate about and working with students to critically understand the puzzles around them. I am also interested in language policy and organized Basque classes in Boston.

Work in Progress

Berriochoa, K., “It’s the Local Economy: Analyzing Spending Preferences for Public Schools." (under review)

Berriochoa, K., “Increasing Taxes for Schools: Does the Urban-Rural Divide explain differences in Tax Preferences for Public Education?”

Berriochoa, K., “Voting for Public Schools: Analyzing Texas Bond Elections across the Urban-Rural Divide.”

Ansolabehere, S. & Berriochoa, K., “No Farms without Food: Preferences and Beliefs about the 2014 Farm Bill.”

Smith, A. E., Hatmaker, D. M., & Berriochoa, K. “Claiming legitimacy: Professional identity and legitimacy of leaders in government regulation.”

Dehart-Davis, L., Hatmaker, D. M., Smith, A. E. & Berriochoa, K., “Gender diversity in local government leadership."

Published Work

Goirizelaia, M., & Berriochoa, K. (2019). News from the Old Country: Media Consumption by the Basque Diaspora in the United States. Communication & Society, 32(3). (Online).

Chan, C. S. & Berriochoa, K., (2015). Psychology of Asian Americans. Integrating Multiculturalism and Intersectionality Into the Psychology Curriculum: Strategies for Instructors. Ed. Jasmine Mena & Kathryn Quina. American Psychological Association, 2019. 89-103. Print.

Berriochoa, K., (2014) “Saving Euskara: The Basque Language Renaissance.” Becoming Basque: Ethnic Heritage of Boise’s Grove Street. Ed. John Bieter, Dave Lachiondo, John Ysursa, Larry Burke, Patty Miller, & Todd Shallat. Investigate Boise Community Research Series, Vol. 5. Boise State University, 2014. 30-48. Print & Online.

Wampler, B., Lewis, R., & Berriochoa, K., (2013) “Engaging Citizens to Expand Accountability,” Accountability in Context. Ed. Peter Spink, Jacqueline Brigagao, and Gonzalo Delamaza. Sao Paulo: Editora da FGV, 2013. 33-60. Print.

Berriochoa, K., (2014) “Saving Euskara: The Basque language renaissance.” The Blue Review: Popular Scholarship in the Public Interest. Boise State University. Read here.

Policy Research

Evaluation of Digital Library Access in Public Health Departments

Fall 2017. National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

In this project, I coordinated and conducted qualitative interviews of users of the Public Health Digital Library in Portland, Oregon. I oversaw the development of assessment measures, primary data collection (qualitative interviews) and rigorous data analysis (driven by research methods and goals), including coding of interview transcripts and analysis of emerging themes. The final product included a published report of evaluation results and policy recommendations.

Fall 2019. National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

As lead researcher, I coordinated and conducted qualitative interviews of public health practitioners and administrators in local health districts in Colorado and Oregon. The final product included a published report of evaluation results and policy recommendations to improve access to peer-reviewed research in local public health districts. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) was also used in this analysis.


Economics, UMass Boston

  • Instructor, Economics of Social Welfare, Spring & Fall 2018/19
  • Instructor, Political Economy Workshop, Summer 2018

Global Comparative Public Administration, UMass Boston

  • Instructor, Public Management in the Global Perspective, Fall 2017

Public Affairs, UMass Boston

  • Teaching Assistant, Public Policy, Organizations, and Social Change, Fall 2014

Basque, New England Basque Club

  • Instructor & Organizer, Basque Language Courses, 2015- 2019